The FCT internal revenue board bill was passed recently by the national assembly. It is aimed at boosting the internal revenue by 100billion naira. The bill empowers the management board to sue and be sued; control and administer different taxes within FCT, as well as account for such taxes.
The bill provides for the establishment of the FCT internal revenue service and matters connected there with and also, make provision for assessment, levying and collection of tax on real property within the FCT.
Section 8 of the bill empowers the FCT internal revenue service to “adopt measures of identity, trace, freeze, confiscate the proceeds of tax fraud or evasion”
“the board shall establish and maintain a fund to be applied towards the discharge of its functions which shall consist of and to which shall credit-(1) an amount not more than 10 percent of all revenue by the service in the preceding year as administrative charge or cost of collection…”
A new clause was introduced on imposition and administration of tax on real property. They are tax property, which is payable on all real property situated in designated areas within FCT.
Section 24 (2) however exempted properties owned by religious bodies like cemetery, especially where it is non-profit making; parks or public square; the diplomatic community since they enjoy diplomatic immunity from paying tax.


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