Nigeria Institute of Town Planners has called on federal government to urgently check haphazard growth of Nigeria cities in other to forestall the consequent ecological and other sundry problems.

At the event marking the 50th Golden Jubilee of the Institute in Minna, it said the absence of an updated master plan documents for Nigerian cities has led to haphazard development with dire consequences.
The institute said although human settlements are expected to provide and promote an environment suitable for sustainable living, work and recreation, the reverse seems to be the case in Nigeria.
“Over the years, town planning has continued to be an illusion, as settlements of various sizes and characteristics exhibit elements of disjointed and dysfunctional space use and inter-relationship,” it lamented.
It said challenges such as inadequate urban basic services such as water, sanitation and energy; unplanned pre-urban expansion; growing social and political conflict over land resources and poor mobility systems conspired to undermine effective city system.
It called for concerted effort by all the tiers of government in addressing some contemporary physical planning issues even as it expressed readiness to collaborate with various agencies and development partners to making the cities habitable.

By Ahmed Tahir Ajobe   


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