sultan_of_sokoto_968199180The Sultan of Sokoto and President General, Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar 111, has queried the efficacy of the Nigerian Land Use Act, asking whether land belong to governors, only.He wondered why governors now allocate and withdraw Certificate of Occupancy at will.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 50th Annual General Meeting of Nigerian Institution of Surveyors held in Giginya Hotel, yesterday in Sokoto, the Sultan also counseled that it’s only the reviving of the designated cattle routes across the country that can conveniently bring an end to the herders/farmers clash.
The traditional leader further charged the professional body to look inward and aggregate their contributions to national development for the last 50 years of it’s existence, to enable them make more impact on the national polity.
The Guest Speaker, Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah on his part, submitted that most Nigerians are still poor despite owning massive land. He also divulged that, rather than striving towards becoming a producer nation, Nigeria is rather sinking into a disturbing trend of a consumer nation.
“Nigeria consumes everything but produces nothing. Hence, they have imbibe the culture of dependency”
While insisting that farmers in Nigeria are not treated with respect like their counterparts in developed nations, Kukah advised Nigerian surveyors to expedite action of proper mapping and documentation to enable farmers get loan, using their land as collateral.
“The inability of a Nigerian poor man to use his piece of land to acquire loans for businesses or agricultural ventures as a collateral, is indirectly responsible for the poverty pervading the land.”
Talking on the consistency of policy abandonment in Nigeria, Bishop Kukah said any country that does not have policy continuity system becomes volatile to violence and a host of other atrocities.
On his part, the institution’s president, Surveyor Bern Omo Akhigbe informed Nigerians that they should ensure proper survey of their lands, adding that they stand to gain by so doing.


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