The Nigerian Institute of Structural Engineers, the structural division of the Nigeria Society of Engineers has, as part of its corporate social responsibility unveiled low cost housing designs that can be built with N250,000 for the resettling of Internally Displaced People (IDP).

            The Institution, bothered by the insurgent crisis in North Eastern Nigeria where many people have been rendered homeless in recent time, decided to produce such designs.

            The Institution challenged students of engineering and architecture in all Nigerian universities to make entries for the purpose of designing low cost houses. Twelve entries were submitted for the competition.

            The design took into consideration structural stability, safety, cultural consideration, durability and use of local materials among others.

            A team of three 400 level Architectural students from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria emerged the winner with a prize of N1 million; while the second prize of N500,000 was given to House 1111 team and, the I-DARE team came third with N250,000 prize.

            This took place as the Institution held its 28th annual conference themed ‘Structural Engineering Excellence in an Environment Inundated with collapse ‘ recently in Abuja.

            The President of the Institution, Engr. (Dr) Samuel Ilugbekhai, in his address at opening session of the conference, stated that the institution adopted the house design as its CSR to encourage students of engineering and architecture in tertiary institution across the country.

            Ilugbekhai who lamented on the frequent collapse of buildings in the country over the years, stressed that since institution was established in 1968, no member has been involved in a single collapsed building incident.

            “We are rising up to the occasion, once again, to address the negative effects of the wanton collapse of building in our environment with a view to achieving safer buildings and to ensure that the phenomenon of collapsed building in Nigeria is a thing of the past,” he said.

            He stated that “It is regrettable that more and more buildings are collapsing all over the country despite the well-meaning efforts of organization such as ours, in combating the menace. Most of the incidences reported in the last couple of months were dangerous and fatal, claiming lives, maiming people and destroying properties.”

            He explained that structural engineering is the foundation of the development of every nation in the world today. He added that other nations guard their structural engineering industry jealously for the safety of lives and properties of their citizens, but which is not the case in Nigeria.

            He requested Qualified and competent Practice of Structural Engineering in Nigeria which should be backed by specific Structural Engineering legislation and will be a stop to Nigerians dying in a collapsed buildings in their own country.

            Ilugbekhai who noted that the federal government achievements so fear that not much can be achieved in the engineering development of the nation with the current structure of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE).

            He stated that NSE has cocooned all the productive professional engineering career institution such as the Nigerian Institution of Structural Engineers, the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers and host of others to the engineering detriment of the whole nation.

            He said NSE as presently constituted is an unnecessary duplication of the roles and responsibilities of the various well established engineering institutions which it is sitting on and suffocating, thereby confusing the general public, demoralizing engineers and creating an atmosphere for quakes to operate.

Source: Vanguard Newspaper




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