Nigerite Limited, Nigeria’s foremost building company has launched a new Corporate Social Responsibility to deliver brand new, high quality roofing products to selected homes across South West of Nigeria at no cost to the homes owners.

Initial beneficiaries of the initiative had their old rusty and leaky roofs changed and replaced with Nigerite’s Solo Xtra; a newly launched roofing product which comes with all the great features of fibre cement product, with added aesthetics which is derived from its variety of colours and pattern. The product also breathes new life into old dingy buildings.

Nigerite Solo Xtra roofing product is a very affordable colored and patterned sheet that meets the building taste of Nigerians in all social classes. It was recently launched into the market to offer Nigerite’s customers more choices from the array of products on the company’s portfolio.

Speaking about the initiative, Marketing Communications Manager of Nigerits, Mr Victor Jolaoso noted that in giving back to the community of its operations, the company decided to identify some buildings all around South West and North Central Nigeria which have old, rusty and dilapidated roof coverings.

“These home owners were approached and their roofs were changed to the Nigerite Solo Xtra free of charge in order for them to enjoy firsthand the satisfaction that comes with the Nigerite roofing product”, Jolaoso said.

The initiative, which is part of Nigerite’s corporate social responsibility plan, was received with joy and gratitude by beneficiaries at Ikorodu and Ilaro, two ancient towns in Lagos and Ogun State. The Nigerite CSR train is expected to visit several other locations like Ijebu Ode, Ibadan, Ilorin, Ado Ekiti, Osogbo and Akure where many more of old, rusty way to Nigerite Solo Xtra.

The company has said that the aim of the campaign is to have the initiative enjoyed across all the sales regions where Nigerite operates and give sense of partnership to the people in all the communities. It is also aimed at boosting the awareness of the Nigerite Solo Xtra product.

The campaign has recorded some success as it has created awareness for the Nigerite Solo Xtra brand.

The roof has also served as a reference point for carpenters when describing the product to their clients, the company said.

“We have in the last 56 years met the needs of Nigerian home owners with our innovative and quality products and we shall continue to do that ven more so that we intend to become a complete building solutions company,” Mr Franks Le Bris, Managing Director of the company said.

Source: ThisDay Newspaper


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