In a strategic move by the Federal Government, Ahmed Dangiwa, newly appointed the

Managing Director, Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria amongst new appointees to 23

Federal Agencies, is a noteworthy professional with years of experience in the housing

and construction industry both as an Architect of repute and an illustrious construction

magnate spearheading major projects within his short career.

Being actively involved in the housing and construction industry for almost three

decades, Ahmed Dangiwa possesses hands-on knowledge and premium working

understanding of the highs and lows within the sector and has designed an ambitious

agenda to chart a definitive course for the institution in order for it to unequivocally

achieve its premier mission of facilitating adequate resources through partnerships for the

realization of affordable housing for all.

At 17 million housing unit deficit at an estimated cost of N60 trillion, the affordable mass

housing need demands innovative solutions which will shrink the existing gap and benefit

the targeted audience in the country. According to Mr. Dangiwa, his administration will

pursue these innovative solutions through established avenues such as public private

partnership, private sector capital leverage and increased budget financing for the housing

sector which he foresees being spearheaded in multifaceted ways.

Not undermining the impact of mortgage financing to the industry, he zeroed in on the

latent possibilities and opportunities inherent within this system waiting to be tapped by

the vast majority of Nigerians with the ever growing viability of companies within this

financing niche.

From its key contributions to the economy through strengthening of home ownerships for

low income earners through models like the rent to home system which promotes the

inclusive, diversified and sustained growth objectives of government to the promotion of

private residential investments that attracts direct foreign investments, improving foreign

exchange influx, thereby sporadically increasing consumer spending on housing services.

The feasibility of mortgage financing to the sector also enveloping growth enhancing and

redistributive objectives of the poverty reducing policies of the government which cuts

across national job creation for professionals such as engineers architects, structural

designers and technicians, craftsmen and artisans such as welders, painters, masons,

electricians, plumbers which service the sector.

Other numerous widespread benefits including enhanced savings, financial market

development, and housing sector investment stimulation and its vast resultant multiplier

effect. According to the Managing Director, the strategic role played by the mortgage

financing system presents endless opportunities for the growth of the sector.

Hence, the dual strategic objectives of Managing Director, Ahmed Dangiwa is to create a

well functioning mortgage finance market that is able to attract large, long term local and

foreign investments needed to promote a vibrant, competitive, innovative and sustainable

housing market driven primarily by private-public partnership (PPP) with FMBN acting

as a facilitator, regulator and enabler and a mortgage financing system where

affordability, equity and tailored housing products, needs and service delivery for the

diverse needs of Nigerians are assured no matter their income level or social status.

With an understanding that affordable housing will remain a mirage should the institution

fall short on assuming innovative approaches, the new Managing Director enjoins all

stakeholder hands beginning with his working team which includes all staff at the FMBN,

the mortgage financing system, real estate developers etc., to be on deck for the

realization of such lofty goals as they directly impact national economic growth and

personal welfare of every citizen.


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