What steps should be taken to address the challenges of housing delivery in Nigeria?

One of the concrete move by government to address housing delivery is to have the political will to address it and not just lip service. All the institutions that are responsible for housing delivery, like Mortgage Banks, and Primary Mortgage Institutions (PMI) should be strengthened and appropriate legislations that will let the private sector handle housing be put in place.

A new government is stepping in May 29, What is your advice or agenda for the Buhari administration to ensure the survey practice is giving its appropriate place in scheme of things?

First and foremost, my agenda for new administration is for it to set new standard for development. One of my major agenda for the incoming administration is the prioritization of mapping of the entire country. This is the reason we call for a Survey and Mapping Commission. Such commission can set a robust agenda for development of Survey to solve problems emanating from issues such as ecology, security, population and environmental degradation and infrastructure development through member’s annual subscriptions. Nigeria seems to be trailing behind other countries in terms of survey and mapping.

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