This will be at the forefront during the 11th Abuja Housing Show…The Investors’ forum on the evening of day 1 will be a blast, speaking conservatively. The invitation only event has been endorsed by 9 Local Banks; 4 Pan African Banks; 3 International Development Agencies and 6 International Banks.

One of the topics to be discussed is “Leveraging on the International Goodwill of the present Administration to Finance Mortgages and Housing Loans for Nigerians in Diaspora”

Invited guests will learn about how Ghana Home Loans provides housing loans for Ghanaian’s living abroad; Mortgage Opportunities for International Buyers by a Global Brand Bank; The implications of mortgage interest on a foreign home for U.S. residents……..

This is a must attend if your business is Electronic Funds Transfer; Real Estate Development; Retail Banking; Private Wealth Banking; Insurance & Mutual Funds; Development Finance; International Law; Arbitration; Real Estate Brokerage / sales and e-Commerce

There are a few spots open. If you are interested in attending the event, please send your expression of interest to and remember to mention that Mr. Housing sent you.



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