The minister of lands, housing and urban development Mrs Akon Eyayenyi has said that the basic foundation in terms of policies and strategies to ensure that the housing sector becomes a prime driver of sustainable development has been put in place.

She made this assertion in Abuja even as she said the transformation in the housing and urban sector is real and will evidently impact on Nigerians during the coming years as the right national policies and plan that will make it happen have either been put in place or are being finalised by the three arms of government.

Eyayenyi maintained that in the last one year so many initiatives were launched by the present administration to enable Nigerians have access to affordable homes. She named such initiative to include the launch of the Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company (NMRC). Under the scheme 23,000 mortgages were offered. The flag-off of the 100,000 housing project for workers in Nigeria by President Goodluck Jonathan and the development of a framework for understanding a national housing survey to determine whether Nigerians are adequately housed in order to implement remedial measures to reduce the national housing deficit.

She also said, “Other measures include the construction of 10,000 housing units under the presidential Initiative on affordable housing being championed by the ministry of lands, Housing and urban development for which the Ministry has signed some Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with reputable developers, development of a Revised National
Building Code to improve standards and enhance professionalism in the sector and the development of a Roadmap for the housing and urban development sector in order to transform the sector sustainably through interventions which involve taking short, medium and long term perspectives of the gamut of issues in order to effectively reposition it over the next 30 years.”


SOURCE: Leadership Newspaper


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