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1.00  Background

1.The issue of demolition of illegal structures as always, is accompanied with vehement complains.

2.On one hand, the Authority insists that the developments are illegal due to their non-compliance with the City development guidelines

3.On the other hand, the victims also contend that they have right to shelter anywhere in Nigeria as bonafide citizens, irrespective of their financial strength, more so that Abuja is known as the land of unity and equal opportunity.

4.It is important to note that, there must be land allocation accompanied with approval to develop, at least for the purpose of  sanity and orderliness, not only in Abuja.

5.Since the amount of money involved is very large, people must comply with the rules and regulations to guide against unnecessary lost to demolitions in the event of any form of illegality.

2.00 Pre-requisites:

All developers wishing to commence developments of plots shall apply on prescribed application forms obtainable upon payment of relevant fees from the Authority.

2  Completed application forms are to be accompanied with photocopies of title documents such as

  • Certificate of Occupancy or Right of Occupancy with receipts of payments
  • Title Deed Plan (TDP)

3   Properly prepared plans on standard A3 size in 3 copies drawn to scale of not less than 1:500 site plan and floor plans of 1:200 and 1:100 architectural drawings. 3 copies each of structural, mechanical and electrical drawings.

  1. Site Analysis Report (SAR)

5  Environmental Impact Analysis Report (EIA) for those developments required

  1. All Plans and Reports are to be sealed by the relevant professionals

7  All Plans and Reports are to be submitted both in hard and soft copies

  1. All applications in respect of PFS, Private hospitals hotels etc, shall be accompanied with letter of licenses of the authority regulating that activity. eg NNPC for PFS.
  2. Fire fighting equipment and water hydrants, and fire service report for PFS

10.Whenever approval is given construction shall commence within 2 years. Otherwise developer applies for validation.

11.Developer is to apply for Setting Out Approval when excavation for foundation is made, and obtain the setting out approval before continuing with further development.

12.Application for setting out shall be on a prescribed form.

3.00  Precautions

Beware of fake or Cloned Title Documents,

because genuine property developers acquire land more through financial transaction than direct allocation.

  1. Design plans in line with the development Control guidelines and regulations.
  2. Ascertain the density and location of plot prior to commencement of building design.

4.All layouts in the city or Area Councils must have ministerial approval before the plots are allocated. Confirm whether the plot you intend to acquire have the approval.

5.Prospective developers must conduct a search at the AGIS before any land transaction.

6.Successful search is not enough to seal a deal. To guard against buying a cloned document, it is very necessary to trace the plot’s ownerships history and directly reach and confirm that it was the successive owners that disposed it themselves before reaching the last person transacting the business with you.

7.Never agree with any authority staff that would claim to stamp your plans and backdate the approval, because he cannot cover you when it is discovered. These activities are fraudulent, and are easily discovered because they can never get the adequate backups from the system and records at the department registry.

8.One can apply and get his building plans approved, so long as he observe the above procedure. If lost he can be guided by the many honest ones available.

9.All prospective house buyers should also confirm that the mass housing or individual housing developer satisfies all the above requirements, including genuine building plans approval before commencement of work. Otherwise in the event of any illegality the occupants would also be inconvenienced and his investment would be very hard to be recovered.

10.Your money is valuable do not risk it under desperation. Take your time to make proper confirmation otherwise you fail into wrong hands.




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