Following a petition recieved from a staff of FMBN who was transfered out of the audit department of the Apex Mortgage Bank, Housing News can authoritative report that the management of the Bank has denied all the allegations recieved in the petition to the Honourable Minister for Power, Works and Housing and the EFCC.

The petition signed by Mr M.A Ibrahim, alleged that the management transfered him and few of his colleagues out of the head office on the ironic suspicion of upholding the path of integrity and professionalism as a punitive measure! He also alleged irregularities in the N2.2Billion renovation work  on the Mamman Kotangora building.

Another staff of FMBN who declined to mention his name , wondered why anyone would petition as the contract they are quoting was approved in 2013 and not under the present management. The  only problem is, they feel that being in audit is their birthright. He further querried how anyone would feel that way? “We were all affected by this tsunami move as I was also moved to my present department. Why have I not petitioned too?”.

But in a statement made available  to Daily Trust says on behalf of FMBN by Zubaida Umar, the bank  said the transfers affected about 281 staff of the bank and was done following the approval of the Minister of Power, Works and Housing to implement new organisational structure for the bank.

It is “Not only Internal Audit Group, besides, job rotation policy is an existing policy of the bank and staff transfers and redployments are at the management discretion”, Zubaida said in the statement. But the FMBN in its reaction said that due process was observed in engaging contractors for projects, such as advertisment of contracts; analysis of both technical and financial bids, all of which followed the procedures by the Bureau of Public Procurement which maintains a desk officer in the bank to monitor all transaction.




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